On this week’s wish list…

Monday's Most Wanted - Vol 10

I had my makeup done on Saturday by a NARS Artist. It was such fun! A post is forthcoming, but in the mean time this is my (very) pared down wish list for the week. It was tough narrowing down my list to only three things, but in the spirit of keeping this list realistic (not that I will even buy all of it) these are what I chose.

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Isola Bella – This was the lip color used by the makeup artist and it was such a pretty nude for my skin tone! The tone is deep enough without straying from the nude category and it complemented my eye makeup beautifully.

NARS Brousse Duo Eyeshadow – Recently I included NARS Fairy’s Kiss palette on a wish list. It’s beautiful! But the more I study the individual shades, the more I realize I am most interested in the purple shade from the Brousse duo and the Cocoa from Kalahari. The others are complementary colors but can be found elsewhere. And seeing as I already own Kalahari, there is no sense in purchasing the entire palette. But this also leaves me with the dilemma of wanting the Brumes duo. Fairy’s Kiss includes the charcoal shade, but the navy from that duo is lovely. And of course I got looking at navy and grey duos from NARS and there are a handful to pick from. Do you have a favorite?

Tarte emphasEYES Waterproof Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse – I really enjoy the color and staying power of the clay brow pencil from Tarte. But I’ve really been interested in giving a brush application another try. I prefer a crisp look that lasts in Florida humidity so powder is not the way to go. But a waterproof mousse? It just might be the ticket.

A moment of truth here… I’ve already purchased one of these. (I know, I’m so bad!) Any guesses as to which one came home with me recently?

What’s on your wish list this week?