One of my favorite things about makeup is that there is always more to learn.  Recently I’ve been seeking out ways to brush up on different techniques and see other opinions on color.  This past Saturday my local bluemercury held a NARS event and as NARS is one of my favorite brands, I made sure to schedule an appointment.  Imagine my surprise at meeting Aisha Alves, the lead NARS artist trainer for the Southeastern US!  Isn’t she just gorgeous?

bluemercury NARS Aisha Alves

Aisha prepped my skin with toner, moisturizer, eye cream, and primer and then we talked about what I had in mind in terms of makeup.  I mentioned that I’ve been wanting to try Sheer Glow Foundation and the Larger Than Life Mascaras, but basically gave her free reign to play.  Since I am a bit of a makeup enthusiast, we reviewed some of the products I already own and then I swear a light bulb went on over Aisha’s head and she said, “I’m about to blow your mind.”

She wasn’t kidding.

bluemercury NARS Aisha Alves eyes

Minty. Eyeshadow.  Never in a million years would I expect to say this, but… I LOVE IT!  Aisha chose to use the Habanera Eyeshadow Duo on top of a Aigle Noir Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, which added intensity and turned the mint into more of a frosty blue.   Something I never knew is that the Soft Touch Shadow Pencils are not meant to be used alone as cream eyeshadows.  I have always read negative reviews so I never thought much of trying the line.  But as it turns out, these pencils were designed to be used as a medium of sorts, not as a stand alone eyeshadow.  So as its intended purpose?  So far so good!

bluemercury NARS Aisha Alves profile

As Aisha applied Eye Paint in Snake Eyes thinly as eyeliner, I used the opportunity to pick her brain on how she prefers to create a wing.  Much like a trick I used previously (and forgot about), she prefers to create the wing with liner that has already been laid down and slightly built at the outer corner of the eye.  And when I asked the question of where to aim the end of the wing, I got a very unexpected answer.  Aisha doesn’t worry about using the lower lashline or the end of the eyebrow as a guide.  She simply uses the feel in her wrist as she flicks and matches that on each side.  See?  Always something new to learn.

The remainder of the look was warm, neutral, and glowing with Maldives and Puerto Vallarta Multiples, and Tonga, Falbala, and Turkish Delight on the lips.  Aisha actually used Puerto Vallarta on my lips first to neutralize my natural color and the satiny finish created a much fuller appearance.

A fun fact I learned while having my brows filled is that the Brow Perfector line was developed over the course of six years until everything about it was just right.  As a brow lover, I fully appreciate the dedication and commitment to eyebrow excellency and have added Caucase to my wish list.  The ashy tone is spot on perfect for natural colored brows.

bluemercury NARS Aisha Alves haul

I had a fantastic time meeting and learning from Aisha during my hour long session and look forward to the next event I can attend at blumercury.  The staff was helpful as ever in putting together my purchases and they always make me feel right at home.  I am very excited about the items I bought and I’m eager to share them as I can see some fast favorites in the bunch.

bluemercury NARS Aisha Alves Look

What is something new you tried recently that became an unexpected love?