Michael Todd True Organics Soniclear
Michael Todd True Organics Soniclear

Sonic cleansing brushes and I are not strangers. There was a time when I used a brush twice a day every day for cleansing my face. And then, out of pure curiosity, I stopped. I wanted to see what my skin would do without the use of a cleansing device so I took a break for a couple of months and then re-introduced sonic cleansing in the form of Michael Todd True Organics Soniclear.


I didn’t experience life-change results by stopping or starting with a sonic brush, but I did notice a few things worth mentioning.

1) My skin likes exfoliation. It is smoother, clearer, and cleaner when I exfoliate regularly. There is a huge wave of chemical exfoliation right now, but I don’t buy into it completely. I think balance is important and I like a good physical exfoliation.

2) My skin is cleaner with sonic cleansing. The Michael Todd True Organics Soniclear brush gets all the makeup off. I start with an oil cleanser, add water, and rinse. Then I work my cleanser into a lather on my face before turning on the Soniclear. I know my face is cleaner not only because I can see it, but also because I notice less congestion and small blemishes in my skin.

3) The Soniclear has an antimicrobial brush. This means it fights off germs and bacteria and while other sonic cleansing tools need new brush heads every 3 months, Michael Todd’s version suggests replacing the brush every 6 months.

4) The entire. brush. pulses. The Soniclear brush is slightly smaller than other brushes I’ve tried so it fits better into all the curved places on my face. And every row pulses so not a single bristle sits idle!

5) The body brush. Oh, the body brush. It’s winter and my skin is feeling dehydrated. I like switching the brush heads out and taking the Soniclear into the shower for 3 minutes of body exfoliation. My skin is so smooth when I’m done!

Michael Todd True Organics Soniclear Brush Heads comparison
Soniclear brush and body brush comparison
Michael Todd True Organics Soniclear charger
Michael Todd True Organics Soniclear charging cradle

Do you use a sonic cleansing brush? How often?