It’s October 4th, the day has finally arrived, and the much anticipated MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection is now available in stores.  After selling out quickly online, and already sold out in many stores, the iconic colors of Ms. Norma Jeane Mortenson are clearly still a hit even fifty years after her death.

Marilyn Monroe is a legend in her own right and created a sense of style that is still highly esteemed.  The MAC tribute to her mostly portrays her bold lip, lined eyes, full brow and glowing skin.

I chose three items from the collection after debating whether or not to even order.  While none of my choices are terribly unique, they are what I view to be the essence of Marilyn Monroe’s style.

Marilyn Monroe Eye KohlSmolder

A simple kohl pencil that represents a more casual look than the glamorous liquid liner regularly seen on Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe Penultimate Brow Marker

The taupe shade of the brow marker makes it universal while the fine tip and liquid formula make drawing in brow hairs easy.

Marilyn Monroe LipstickCharmed I’m Sure

The lipstick packaging comes in a standard MAC box with a Marilyn Monroe edition sleeve.  The lipstick tube itself carries the same picture as well as her signature.

Charmed I’m Sure is a true matte red.  The formula isn’t drying to my regularly dry lips.  I love applying this first as a stain with my finger and then doing a second coat directly from the tube.

I’m thrilled that I decided to purchase from this collection.  While the items aren’t especially unique and nothing really stands out on its own, the novelty factor of being tied to Marilyn Monroe is enough for me.  The brow marker really stands out to me and I recommend it to anyone who fills their brows.  I’m also very pleased with Charmed I’m Sure and look forward to pairing it with a number of looks.

I’m putting together a look that will show off the inspiration I find from Marilyn Monroe’s more casual style and should have a post ready for you soon.  Until then, tell me…did you join in the MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection craze?  Were you one of the early birds who managed to purchase online or were you standing in line before stores opened this morning?