Earlier this summer I was MAC matched at last (insert applause and cheers).  The makeup artist who matched me said I am NW35.  I simply told her no.  I know there are theories on using pink for yellow-tones, but it has never worked to my advantage.  She then matched me to NC40.  However, that MAC store (and one more in my area) doesn’t carry sample jars so there was no way for me to take home some Studio Fix Foundation to test it out.  Ahem.

I drove almost 20 miles to the third closest MAC store, was instead matched to MAC Face and Body Foundation in C4, and was given a sample.  I didn’t want to be greedy, so I didn’t ask for Studio Fix NW35 and NC40 as well.  I wish I had.

bare face

wearing only MAC Face and Body Foundation in C4

full makeup, 9 hours later, after blotting and powder

MAC Face and Body Foundation is a sheer-medium coverage foundation.  I find it does not cover my undereye circles and does little to cover blemishes so I still wear concealer  on top.  It is very much a liquid and will run and drip if not held on a level surface.  I find it works best with a small buffing face brush.

One concern I have with this foundation is that it separates (much like Revlon ColorStay liquid).  Now mind you, I have been using a sample jar and wore it about six times.  A sample jar isn’t the best for shaking and getting the product out.  Normally MAC Face and Body comes in a bottle with a small opening and I imagine this design is the perfect complement to the thinness of the product itself.

My real issue is with the finish.  Face and Body is supposed to have a satin finish, but on me it is 100% shiny.  Not even dewy.  Just shiny.  I don’t feel greasy in MAC Face and Body, but I have giant glare and require powder.  A mattifying primer helps tone it down slightly, but I still feel the need to powder.  Does anyone else have this issue?  I wonder if it’s only an oily skin problem.  If MAC Face and Body foundation really did give me a satin finish, I’d consider purchasing it for light makeup days.