Last weekend Mr. M and I replaced our kitchen sink.  It was one of those all-in-one box kits because it met all our requirements.  What a pain!  The kit was missing some crucial parts so there was a lot of uninstalling, reinstalling, and extra trips to the home improvement store.  But when it was finally done, we were quite satisfied.  Our week was craaaazay and our upcoming weekend just as busy on top of Mr. M’s current project at work requiring extra time and effort on his part.  So when I noticed rust on our new sink a few days after we put it in, I was less than pleased and I could see the tiredness in Mr. M’s face when he realized we would spend another Sunday taking it out and putting in a different one.

And so, I took it upon myself to surprise him by taking out the hunk of junk and replacing it with a kitchen sink we like even more (check out my handy work!).  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, this girl is more than just a makeup fiend.  I happen to be quite handy and, while I prefer lipstick to caulk any day, I am capable of a little household DIY.  I even re-fitted the plumbing (after correcting the previous owner’s errors) to align with the new location of the sink drain.

Of course I take pride in my work, but I didn’t feel the same satisfaction as nailing a dramatic winged liner or smoking out a new eyeshadow color combination.  I hadn’t the time to apply makeup or do anything girly all day.

Little Luxuries Kat Burki and Sonia Kashuk

Times like this are when I appreciate the little luxuries I keep around.  While my day of momming it, home improvement, or running errands might leave me without the time to pamper or play, I like to have a delectable hand soap and hand creme at the ready.  Currently I’m using the Kat Burki Freesia & Pink Grapefruit bar.  It smells divine, includes olive, coconut and palm leave oils, is all natural, cruelty free, biodegradable and vegetarian.  The bar is so large I cut mine into quarters so it is easier to handle.  It will clearly last a long time!

Once clean, I have Sonia Kashuk Yellow Alluriana Hand Creme at the ready.  The grapefruit, verbena, and musk scent is the equivalent of a perfume and the scent lingers long after the creme has absorbed and softened my hands.

I always feel relaxed and refreshed after treating my hard-working hands and these are two of the easiest ways I know to sneak in a little pampering.

What are your favorite daily little luxuries?

Disclosure: Products included were provided by PR for consideration.