*A product included in this post was a gift.

I recently was introduced to Kett Cosmetics by Sheila McKenna who created the brand in the year 2000 after realizing that HD cameras had changed the face of makeup forever.  Not only did Sheila create a brand that can keep up with current technology, but she made it vegan and cruelty free  and without gluten, parabens, silicone, or fragrance.

Kett Cosmetics Fixx Creme Makeup O3 Packaging

Fixx Creme Makeup is a wax-based waterproof formula that starts out sheer but continues to build to any desired level of coverage.  It applies well with fingers, a sponge, or a short-haired stippling brush (my personal favorite) and while it requires a little more time to blend than other creme foundations that have more slip, the effort and lasting-power are well worth it.  Enriched with Vitamins A, C, and E, jojoba, and licorice root (which happens to be a natural remedy for a number of skin conditions), Fixx Creme Makeup is nourishing for the skin.

Kett Cosmetics Fixx Creme Makeup O3

There are a total of 18 shades available with three different undertones – Olive, Ruby, and Neutral.  My shade is F-O3 (Fixx Olive 3) and it is the most olive-toned foundation I have ever come across.  Believe it or not, O3 is even more olive than NARS Stromboli.  I know.  Kind of blew my mind too.  So if you are olive toned and have a difficult time finding a shade match, definitely check out Kett Cosmetics.

Kett Cosmetics Fixx Creme Makeup Swatch O3

When worn at full coverage, Fixx Creme is not a perfect match for my current skin tone.  The base color is right, but I could probably get away with wearing a shade from the Neutral line.  But when used with a lighter hand (above right) O3 proves a close enough match to my skin.

Kett Cosmetics Fixx Creme Makeup O3 Before

My bare face is showing its typical undereye circles and currently has some redness around my brows as well as the tip and sides of my nose.

Kett Cosmetics Fixx Creme Makeup O3 After

At medium coverage, the discoloration is almost fully concealed.  Fixx Creme applies and covers smoothly, can be used as a concealer, foundation, or both and the lightest and deepest shades would work beautifully for contouring.  I am seriously lusting after the Neutral Palette for that exact reason.

Kett Cosmetics Fixx Creme Makeup Daiquiri

In addition to skin tone shades, Kett Cosmetics offers Fixx Creme Blush.  While all six shades are universally flattering, Daiquiri is the shade I would most likely wear on a daily basis.


The ingredient list is the same for both Fixx Creme products, so blending is exactly the same.  But I prefer to apply the blush with a medium buffing brush.  As the pigment is quite high, I imagine Fixx Creme Blush lasting me a very long time.

Kett Cosmetics Fixx Creme Blush in Daiquiri


Price: $30.00 each

Availability: Kett Cosmetics

Summary: Kett Cosmetics Fixx Creme Makeup is like nothing I’ve ever tried before.  Its smoothness, seamlessness, variety of 

10am Beauty Approved?: Yes – Highly Recommended

Disclosure: Fixx Creme Makeup was purchased with my own money while Fixx Creme Blush was a gift.