Lately I’ve been rethinking my makeup application and really focusing on skin.  Finding proper foundation and concealer matches  is now an obsession so when brands enter the market in my area, I feel the need to check them out.  I recently won a giveaway on The Style and Beauty Doctor for Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation.  This was about the same time that my local Sephora started carrying Cover FX.  I did a little research and learned that Cover FX carries 28 shades of foundation!  I’m pretty sure you can all guess what I did next… I got in touch with Cover FX and they were kind enough to send product samples that work with my skin tone and type.



Intro to Cover FX products


My current skin type and concerns:

  • Monthly hormonal cystic breakout
  • Balanced skin – not oily and not dry
  • Redness around my nose
  • Dark genetic undereye circles
  • Preference for finishes that aren’t completely matte

Cover FX recommended trying:

CoverFX intro swatches
Cover FX BB Gel G Light-Medium and G Medium-Deep / Total Cover Cream Foundation G50 /  Natural Finish Foundation G40 / Blemish Treatment Concealer G Light / Creamy Concealer G Light and G Medium

Let’s talk about these shades…

  • G is for “golden” and Cover FX also offers N “neutral” and P “pink”
  • The numbers increase as shades deepen
  • each shade is one step (about 3%) darker

Currently I am a G40 foundation shade (G50 was perfect in fall), G Medium-Deep BB Gel, and G Medium concealer.  The best part is that the G shades actually match my skin undertones.  Some brands offer warm shades that still appear pink next to my green undertones, but I don’t get that from Cover FX!  I have both winter and summer shades that work for my previously hard to match skin.

wearing CoverFX foundation

During the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Cover FX posted product suggestions on Instagram to achieve that angelic glow.  I gave it a try with Illuminating Primer, Natural Finish Liquid Foundation, and Illuminating Setting Powder in Light.  No airbrushing, no retouching, no filters…my skin looked and felt heavenly!

Stay tuned for more on each of these products, and until then check out Cover FX and tell me which products stand out to you!


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