Yes to Coconuts Collection

The latest natural ingredient we are saying yes to is coconut.  Say it, “Yes to Coconut!”  Why should you say yes?  Because this line hydrates and restores hair, skin, lips, and body.

When the hair stylist at my recent frizz free blow-out told me my hair was becoming dry, I immediately started using SLS free moisture-rich products.  I can feel the difference after using the Ultra Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, but if I had to choose a favorite hair product from Yes to Coconuts it would be the Curl Defining Hair Smoother.  I’ve been seeing less frizz (photo proof) and I owe it to coconuts!

I am also appreciating the Coconut Oil Body Wash, but use it out of the shower.  My hands do get dry, but my daughter’s hands get scaly, itch, and crack.  Since switching to Yes to Coconuts at the bathroom sink (helloooo pump top bottle!) her dryness is almost gone completely.  Perhaps keeping the Protecting Hand and Cuticle Cream handy (*insert rimshot here*) would leave her hands completely hydrated at all times.

Yes to Coconuts Wipes and Balm

As for my other Yes to Coconut picks the Cooling Lip Oil and Head-to-Toe Restoring Balm work best when applied before bed. And if you’ve ever had trouble with wipes stinging, try the Coconut Cleansing Wipes.  Sting-free, but still refreshing.  They are a beach bag staple for sure.

For affordable hydrating hair and skin care, look no further.  I’ve tried half of the Yes to Coconuts options and haven’t been disappointed yet!