The trend of orange lips has grown over the years, but it’s never been hotter.  I see orange as the “it” shade this spring and summer (sorry, Radiant Orchid).  Often a color most thought of as a high-fashion trend, orange is a lot easier to wear than you might think.

This vibrant shade initially caught attention when Jessica Alba wore Hourglass Opaque Rouge Riviera to the Golden Globes.  I then took a liking to orange lips and tried out Stila Valentina.  But my full-on obsession started with the release of NARS Timanfaya for Spring 2014.  Since getting that hot little number, I’ve been seeking out other very wearable shades.

Before diving in you might be wondering, “How does someone actually pull off orange lips?” My thoughts echo that of my Valentina post, but I’ll expand here….

Let your skin breathe a little.  Don’t go full-coverage with foundation.  Do opt for a natural finish.  Anything too radiant will compete with your statement lip.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  The easiest way to balance a bold lip is with a bold cheek color.  Not clown cheeks, just a vibrant flush of color.  Try something that also has slight orange tones and let the level of cheek color mimic the level of lip color.  As for contouring?  Keep it minimal.  No exaggerated cheek bones necessary.

Eyes can be similar in intensity to the lips or the complete opposite.  But for the easiest choice, concentrate the majority of the eye products on or near the lashes.

I chose three shades from three different types of lip products to demonstrate my suggestions on wearing orange.

How to Wear Orange Lips swatches (1)NARS Wonder / Milani Sweet Nectar / Beauty For Real InfraRed

Bear in mind that orange looks really orange under most indoor lighting so be sure to test out a couple in different scenarios before making your final verdict.

First up is gloss.  Always gloss.  It’s the safest way to ease into new color.  After searching high and low, I settled on NARS Lip Gloss in Wonder as my favorite.  Not only is the color beautiful, but pink and gold shimmer makes a unique addition.  I used a bold blush very sheerly, kept the eyes neutral, and used eyeshadow as liner at the upper lashes.  I also used cool champagne shadows to highlight the browbone and the inner corners of my eyes which changes the entire look and keeps it from being overwhelmingly warm.  To make my lashes appear bolder, I used a fig eyeliner to tightline.

How to Wear Orange Wearing NARS Wonder

For a true orange, I fell in love with Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Sweet Nectar.  The Color Statement Lipsticks are known for being opaque, rich, and creamy. So while natural lip color will alter the finished look slightly, Sweet Nectar holds its own well.  Building on the first look, I added the same eyeshadow liner under the lower lashes and a coral blush to my cheeks.

How to Wear Orange Wearing Milani Sweet Nectar

The ultimate in high-pigment color comes from lip creams.  And might I say that Beauty For Real nailed it with True Color Lip Cream in InfraRed.  I love everything about what they’ve done with this model’s makeup.  To build the look, I added more coral blush and took the fig liner to my waterline.  That’s it!

How to Wear Orange Wearing Beauty For Real InfraRed

Do you have a favorite orange this year? What are some of your favorite products to wear with orange lips?

Disclosure: Some products in this post were provided by PR for consideration.