How Do You Wear Coral?

Coral clothing, that is.

I find it difficult to don the typical bright summer lip while wearing a vivid coral top.  So I’ve found a work around that still let’s me go bold and even let’s me wear winter colors in summer.  Take a look….

Coral and Berry:  Too Faced La Creme Lip Color in So Berry Sexy was a spring release.  It’s a fantastic bright winter lip, but balances the coral.


Coral, Burgundy, and Glitter:  Another spring release, NARS Dressed to Kill works like magic with coral.  I’m diggin’ the gold glitter.


Coral and Red:  As much as I didn’t think this would be a favorite, it really is.  NYX Retractable Liner in Red makes a perfect base for Too Faced La Creme Lip Color in Stiletto Red.


I currently wear the bold hues with a neutral blush and bronze eye look.  But I think the real key is voluminous lashes and bold brows.  How do you wear coral clothing?

I clearly have a thing for posting in threes lately.  Or maybe an aversion to commitment.  Hmm….

I’m also really enjoying my new camera lately.  It has been quite a learning curve and it gets frustrating to take so many steps backward after mastering my previous camera, but the consistency in photos will come again…promise!

A big thank you to all my loyal readers who helped me earn enough to buy a new camera in the first place.  And another big thank you to all 200 of my Twitter followers.  I feel so honored that you take part in 10amBeauty.  Much love!

  • Kristen / Glambunctious

    Coral is one of my favorite colors so my favorite way to wear it is ALL THE TIME! :D But seriously, I think it it looks best on me with sparkly neutral eyes and soft pink lips. I LOVE your bold lips! The red really does look great with the coral! Hell, they all do! :) My bridesmaids will be donning coral; that’s the level of love I have for this warm, happy color. ❤ Also, congrats on your new camera, girl!

    • Alison M

      <3 I feel like soft pink lips get lost on my skin tone with a coral top. But the red…helllooooo bold!

  • RxBeautyChic

    I love to wear corals! And I also love to pair it with a bright lip! Fuchsia and a bold cherry red seems to work well for me! But I go all out with a light coral eye and coral cheeks!

    • Alison M

      I haven’t tried coral eyes very much, but that sounds like fun. I need to play around!

      • RxBeautyChic

        :D I first started with MAC Coral Crepe Paintpot. Love that thing! The only thing to master is…to not over do it and avoid the crazy look LOL

  • wearyourvitamins

    Oh I thought this was a “how do you wear coral lips.” (one of my favorite colors). I wear coral with coral, melon or berry – contrasts are my favorite. When I wear coral lips I wear aqua eyes, or neutral ones sometimes.

    • Alison M

      Berry is so great for sure. Btw, I notice you like to leave a link in comments. You can save time and simply link your profile back to your website instead :)

      • wearyourvitamins

        Hey thanks! wordpress does that auto but I’ll keep trying to figure out how to do it with disqus and blogger. :)

        • Alison M

          Go to “Edit Profile” then “Profile”

          • wearyourvitamins

            You are so helpful! Thanks.

  • wearyourvitamins

    And btw, wow – your hair is growing so long!! I like it – what is your favorite length?

    • Alison M

      I miss having a pixie. But I’m trying to get my hair to just past my collar bone.

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