The Makeup Show is coming to Orlando this weekend, September 28-29, for seminars, workshops, forums, and exhibitors.  Seeing as I’m not in LA or NY, I’ve never been to a trade show before so I’m rather excited for the opportunity to attend.


I’ll be at The Makeup Show for most of Saturday and am planning like a mad woman to make sure I get to do and see everything on my list.  First and foremost I’ve set aside time to attend a seminar by Cindy Rodriguez for NARS.  Can. Not. Wait.  I’m expecting this to be the highlight of the show for me.

Hand-in-hand with a NARS seminar is, of course, the NARS booth.  I absolutely need to stop by even if the number of things I want to see isn’t that large.  I’ve recently been face-to-face (okay, swatch-to-arm) with all the products I’m most interested in including new releases.  But it’s the NARS booth!  Surely something more will catch my eye and I’m hoping for the opportunity to ask a few questions.

A surprise for me is my eagerness to check out Stila.  Their holiday collection this year has my attention.  The Color Wheels were never my thing.  But Stila has really impressed me with a few of their Artistry Collection items and I’d like to browse their booth.  There will be a “No Makeup” Look seminar Cory Bishop for Stila but I unfortunately need to leave Orlando before it begins.

Also on the must-see list is the Make Up For Ever booth.  Makeup artist show.  Make Up For Ever.  Need I say more?

Inglot is a brand I’ve heard about, but it’s not readily available in my area.  They will have a booth so I feel the need to swing by and check out their products.  I have a few eyeshadows in mind that I’m hoping to see, but I’d love to hear recommendations.

There is an Inglot PRO Must Haves session in the morning that I think I’d like to attend.  But it overlaps with a Kit Focus presentation by James Vincent, Orlando Santiago, and Esterique Aidan.  I haven’t decided which I’d prefer, but there is also a Brow Blocking seminar shortly after and given my love affair with brows I’m eager to see demonstrations.  So the location of the first two seminars will likely determine which I attend.

I’ve already checked the floor layout and have mapped out my course.  They rather smartly placed Z Palette right across the aisle from Inglot so I’m sure I’ll be stopping by after.  No sense in buying eyeshadows and not having something to house them in!


It’s going to be such an exciting day and I can’t wait to share pictures and product info with you next week.  Have you been to a makeup trade show before?  What are your best tips for surviving the excitement?