Get Ready With Me 1

My first Get Ready With Me video is now live for your viewing pleasure.  By which I mean you can laugh with me about wearing three concealers and only being able to apply mascara in the car.  I also use Too Faced Sun Bunny and Tarte Natural Beauty from my recent Power Couples post.  Enjoy!


  • Kelly C.

    you did a great job! it looks great!

  • Shari

    You look amazing :-) Moar moar moar!!

    • Alison M

      Thanks, Shari! What types of video do you like best?

  • Neelia476

    Yay! I can’t wait to watch!

  • Sarah S.

    You’re adorable! Natural in front of the camera :)

    • Alison M

      Aw, thanks Sara :)

  • Kristen / Glambunctious

    That was fun! I love the look you created with Naked! Toasted is a favorite for me, too. I usually get my mascara on before going places, but it’s really a step I don’t enjoy! I think I’d enjoy it more if I ended up with drag lashes afterwards! :)

    • Alison M

      As much as I’ve been loving my lengthening mascara, I want some fat lashes again. FAT.

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