If you don’t already know that Ulta has teamed up with Living Proof to offer free blow outs on Friday, call your local store and schedule an appointment with the salon.  You don’t want to miss out!  I’ve been blowing my hair straight because I don’t know how to work curls with a hair dryer so this was the perfect opportunity to learn something new.  I went in with my hair completely natural (okay, there was a small amount of curl cream so I didn’t look totally out of control) and air dried to show my stylist what she had to work with.

One issue I have with my natural curls is how uneven they look.  I have a few absolutely perfect ringlets and a few sections that remain completely straight.  I’m pretty sure this is due to the fact that my hair was hormonally curled….it was straight before I became a mom :)  After sleeping on my natural curls, things look crushed and my top layers really straighten out.  This is why I typically blow my hair straight…only to have the curls come back to the ends slowly over the next few days.  I was eager to learn how to work with what I already have, but make it look far more polished.

Living Proof Blow Out before with natural hair
air dried natural waves with a touch of the new Yes to Coconuts Curl Cream

I arrived about 10 minutes early for my appointment and checked in at the desk.  Stylist Ashley was finishing up with a client so I accepted a bottle of water and browsed the Living Proof shelves while waiting.  I also checked out the addition of Nails Inc. to Ulta’s nail color and care selection. I really enjoy the Gel Effect line and there was an Express Nail Polish Remover and Vitamin E Cuticle Oil Pen that caught my attention.

Living Proof No Frizz line in the taupe bottles
Living Proof No Frizz line in the taupe bottles

Ashley was ready for me a few minutes later so we walked over to her station and assessed my hair.  I told her I wanted to try a curly look and we got to talking about Living Proof’s No Frizz line.  We joked that Jennifer Aniston could probably sell anything hair related (after all, her mane has been popular since “the Rachel”) and got to talking about the science behind No Frizz.  Most anti-frizz products are full of silicones that smooth the cuticle of the hair.  Living Proof actually works with MIT scientists to create new molecules that do more than just coat the hair temporarily.  You can read more about that here, but for now let’s get to talking about the results

Living Proof Blow Out volume

After washing and conditioning my hair, Ashley worked No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream through my hair.  She also sprayed a bit of Weightless Styling Spray over my strands, more toward the roots before a quick all over rough dry of my hair.  Working with medium heat and a 1 1/4″ brush, she dried 1″ sections from the root through the mid-shaft.  Then she held the brush vertically and wrapped the ends around it to create curl.  Medium heat warmed my hair as well as the ceramic brush, turning into a curling iron.  Following with roughly 10 seconds of cooler air from the cool shot button brought my hair temperature back down and locked in the style.

Living Proof Blow Out back curls

This was repeated 1″ at a time until my bangs and the crown of my hair was dry.  The crown sections were first pulled forward and dried from underneath to create volume.  Then they were pulled back and the ends were curled.  My bangs were dried by pulling the sections down and across my face, then the ends were gently flipped away from my face.

Living Proof Blow Out finished look

When Ashley was done, I had day 3 hair (my favorite day between washes) on day 1…..but with volume!  Perfection!

Living Proof Blow Out Ulta Stylist Ashley
Ulta stylist Ashley after my free Living Proof blow out

To seal in the style I got a quick spritz of the surprisingly light-weight Control Hairspray (officially wish listed because of the added heat protectant), asked a few questions on styling techniques, and did a little shopping.  Ashley helped me choose a new round brush for drying because I was mega-impressed with the volume from a brush that is smaller than what I had at home.  It was easy to trust Ashley’s suggestions not only because of how amazing my hair looked, but also because she has fabulous brows and was rocking a bold lipstick :D  She recommended Olivia Garden (a brand I’m familiar with and ultimately what I purchased) and Cricket Technique (her favorite) suggesting a 1 1/4″ diameter not only for the curls, because it would be superior to a larger brush for my hair length.

Friday night was stormy so I was very thankful I brought an umbrella and was parked in the spot closest to Ulta’s front door.  Not seeing instant frizz-floof just from stepping outside was very reassuring.  And when I woke up Saturday morning with amazing hair, I was very impressed..  It earned a well-deserved #iwokeuplikethis IG selfie.

I’m convinced…Living Proof and Ashley’s blow out methods are a fabulous combination.  Now it’s time to practice this bombshell blow out at home.


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