I’ve undergone an intense need for all things iris.  Somewhere between China Glaze and NARS Spring collections, I find myself wanting more.

For the Love of Iris productsChina Glaze What a Pansy / NARS Kauai Duo / “flowers” from Little D

Of course I can’t seem to find more of the exact color.  Or any other ways to wear it outside of clothing of course.  So I’ll keep playing with the placement of Kauai for now to see what else I can come up with.

For the Love of Iris NARS Kauai

The pop of green from the weeds flowers makes me feel the need to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  I can see that  as eyeliner at my lower lashes.

For the Love of Iris China Glaze What a Pansy

Or possibly green nail polish as part of an accent nail design.  Although that might be too much for me.  I did see a cute clutch at Target recently in a kelly green that would play nicely with iris.  Or a chic green floral print dress.  I feel a new obsession coming on…. somebody hide my wallet!

For the Love of Iris NARS Kauai (1)

What color has captivated you lately?