This is the second post in my “Everyday” series.  The first post gave every product a woman needs in her makeup kit.  Now I’m giving a follow-up on the tools I recommend using to apply those products.  This post will be far simpler and doesn’t require much investment.

Tapered Powder Brush:  The same brush can be used for powder and blush.  It can also be used for bronzer and highlighter, but we haven’t gotten there yet.  Despite what some may say, this is the only brush you need to apply powdered face products.  Finding one with a tapered end is important because it allows precise placement.  The fullness of the brush then allows adequate blending.  Showing:  Sonia Kashuk Bamboo Powder Brush

Medium Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush:  Meeting the specifics of this brush are most important in order to eliminate the need for other brushes.  Choose something that’s a medium size, or about the size of your mobile eye lid.  Choose something dense, but not stiff so that when the tip is pressed against a surface, it does not collapse.  To apply shadow to the lid and brow bone, use the side.  To apply it in the crease, use the top.  Showing:  Sonia Kashuk Medium Eye Shadow Brush

Spoolie:  Again I’m going to comment on the necessity of brow maintenance.  This brush is used to get the brow hairs running in the right direction.  I also use it along the tips of my lashes after mascara has dried.  I swipe it back and forth to separate my lashes.  Showing:  Sonia Kashuk Spoolie Brush

That’s it.

BB cream and concealer can be applied with clean hands so no brush is necessary.  Lip products can be applied straight from the tube.  Three brushes is all it takes!

Edit:  I made a grave error with the original release of this post by forgetting that not all tools are brushes.

Eye Lash Curler:  This is a must.  It isn’t a brush, but it’s a must.  Curled eyelashes make eyes look open, brighter, larger, and more awake.  Sonia Kashuk’s Dramatically Defining Eye Lash Curler is the best curler I’ve ever tried.  Take it from someone who has stubborn lashes!