I just couldn’t help myself.  My kids are getting older, there is slightly less hand washing every day, and the colors Essie created for fall are gorgeous!  It’s time to become a regular at painting my nails.  My toes sport polish in summer, but I’d love to constantly sport a chic manicure year round.  Jessica of Getting Cheeky just had a little ESP and did a fantastic post on nail care.  I too love Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream and the hunt for a glass nail file is my new obsession.

Back to the reason for this post… the Essie Fall 2012 Collection is so pretty!  Originally I planned to only purchase Recessionista, but instead I bought the set of four minis in hopes it will inspire me to regularly change things up.

Stylenomics – At the store, this appeared to be a superbly smoky black shade.  I was shocked to see it as a blackened forest green when I got it home.  As the shock is wearing off, the shade is growing on me.

Skirting the Issue – This is the shade I’m most excited about.  Of the four, it is the only similar choice to Recessionista.  It’s surprisingly lighter when worn than it appears in the bottle and I’m pleased with the result.

Head Mistress – Red!! Need I say more?

Don’t Sweater It – A lovely neutral.  I really want to put on some skinny jeans and a chunky cable knit sweater now.  Too bad I don’t own either.  I am confused as to why the packaging shows this as a more pink shade.  I don’t recall the full-size in store appearing with pink tones either.

This is my first Essie purchase and I’m pleased with the smoothness of the application.  I am a disgrace to the beauty world with my lack of polishing abilities, but I’m hoping that practice still makes perfect.  Lots and lots of practice!

What shades are you looking forward too as cooler weather approaches?