In early December, Pantone announced the 2013 color of the year:  Emerald.  While the fashion and style world rejoiced over the stunning green stone, some of us in the beauty community simply sat, stared, and blinked.

Green is notably one of the hardest makeup shades to wear…right up there with Mimi and Miss Piggy blue.  And while it’s fun to hunt down an emerald clutch or pair of pumps, it’s not as easy to incorporate into cosmetics.  I love jewel-tones, but emerald is a mid-deep cool-toned green and I find that very difficult to pull off.  Therefore, I’m taking this year’s color of the year and extending a challenge from “emerald” to all greens.  First up, I’ve explored wearing a deeper version of emerald as eyeliner.

Emerald Lower Liner Look

The easiest way to wear emerald eyeliner is to apply it on the upper lid as close to the lashline as possible.  But, inspired by NARS Spring 2013 color collection, I chose to experiment with wearing it on the lower lashline.  Try these tips:

  • Line with liner, then shadow because smudged color is less harsh than a bold line of color
  • Use the emerald liner on the waterline
  • Keep the rest of the eyeshadow neutral
  • Use pinks and gold in blush and lip color to balance the green
  • Use a foundation that isn’t matte to help soften the face

Emerald Lower Liner Eye

I chose to extend the emerald eyeshadow up and out from the corner of my eye to give a fun spin on a more traditional application.  The gold flecks of shimmer in both my blush and my lip color downplay the coolness in the green and blend it with the warmth of my skin tone.

Will you be rocking emerald liner this year?  What is your favorite brand and shade?