I am convinced that wrinkles have a mind, personality, and scheme of their own. It’s like they know when someone is closing in on a milestone birthday and they insist on settling in. At my last milestone birthday, I was able to defeat (and still conquer!) crow’s feet. This go around, they’re trying their damnedest (how strange does that spelling look?!) to set up camp on my forehead. To which I say, “Oh helllll noooooo!” (And, “Where is the wine?” because I’ve cursed twice in two sentences and clearly need to mellow out. More on that later.)

Fortunately, Cover FX launched their Custom Infusion Drops right on time and I’ve been religiously testing the A+ Jasmine Anti-Aging drops they sent me. And you know what? These drops are kicking ass.

Cover FX Custom Infusion A+Jasmine product

These are reserved for my nighttime routine and I mix 4-5 drops between my hands with my moisturizer before massaging into my face and neck.  While I’ve been using an anti-aging nighttime moisturizer for some time, there is an obvious difference in my skin when I add the Custom Infusion Drops. Smoother. More hydrated. Glow-ier skin. I find A + Jasmine gentle enough to use multiple times a week and haven’t experienced any irritation.

A major bonus from Cover FX is the jasmine. Oh, the jasmine!! This is the most calming scent in the world for me…which makes application befor bed particularly intoxicating. Given my stress levels lately, I wish I could bathe in these droplets of aroma heaven. I have every intention of purchasing when I run out and of getting my hands on everything jasmine scented possible! Confederate jasmine for the yard, jasmine essential oils, jasmine Yankee Candle…am I missing anything?

Stress. It is a real and prevalent force in my world. My auto-immune diagnosis in October came right at the time we listed our house for sale. Literally. I picked up my new prescription one night and had my house listed the next. Since then, it’s been intense. My company won a major contract, we’ve had multiple issues with the buyers for our current house, our closing just got postponed for after Christmas (we are hoping the seller of our new house will extend our contract, but it’s very uncertain), I detoxed from gluten (NOT fun…I wouldn’t wish that on anyone!) and I can’t. stop. eating. On the bright side, my energy is back. That is, unless I slip up again liken when I ate the flour tortillas the takeout restaurant mistakenly wrapped my tacos in. What can I say? I ate them out of anger! And it so wasn’t worth it. And I soooo won’t do that ever again.

But. I am feeling good. No matter what happens with the houses, I will end up in a fabulous home. My kids are particularly amazing. Fargo pup does a superb job keeping me company all day. And there are little pleasures and treasures to be enjoyed like Custom Infusion drops and the scent of jasmine. All is well!

So. Hi, friends! How are you?! And what particularly awesome products are you using lately?