Charlotte Tilbury is a brand everyone raves about.  The recent availability in the U.S. is luring me in quickly, as are the 10 signature Charlotte Tilbury looks.  It was my intention to settle on one look to feature, but, as I can’t narrow down my own signature look, I feel it’s fair to choose five of Charlotte’s.  After all – I could be someone different Monday through Friday….

On my first-day-after-the-weekend-let’s-do-this look with flattering shades on olive skin, I am The Sophisticate (The Uptown Girl is first runner-up).

The Sophisticate After so much seriousness, it’s time to get real and get red.  The Bombshell still says business, but it a much more powerful way. The Bombshell By mid-week I’m always ready to play with eyeshadows and use The Dolce Vita for morning creativity. The Dolce Vita Why is there never any time on Thursdays?  Being The Rock Chick makes eyes stand out without needing precious minutes for blending. The Rock Chick Let’s pull out all the stops and unleash The Vintage Vamp.  Color? Check.  Bold lip?  Check.  It’s Friday.  Bring on the weekend. The Vintage Vamp Who will you be?


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