One of the most exciting releases this last fall was the butter LONDON Shadow Clutch. I was sent the palette in the shade Natural Charm and I’m head over heels for the combination of colors. With the addition of the Fancy Flutter and Moody Blues duos, the options are more than enough for my needs.

butter London Shadow Clutch extra shadows

I actually photographed and swatched in the middle of October and it was just in the nick of time. My diagnosis came two weeks later, but my health had already declined significantly. That being said, these shadows got. me. through.

butter LONDON Linen, Quartz, Camo, Camel, Citrine, Leather
butter LONDON Linen, Quartz, Camo, Camel, Citrine, Leather
butter LONDON Sequins, Sapphire, Plume, Feather
butter LONDON Sequins, Sapphire, Plume, Feather

Not only are the colors all inclusive for day to night looks, and pigmented enough to not need major building without any fall-out, but they blend like nobody’s business. At a time when I was constantly fatigued and just “couldn’t,” I saved tons of time in the morning before work by using only the Natural Charm palette and a MustaeV E55 Blending Shadow brush (which is also so so good). The edges of these attest to the fact that this formula practically blends itself.

Being so smooth comes at a price and I do kick up a good bit of powder when my brush hits the pan. A small price to pay for getting my eye makeup done in record times – I used this palette almost daily for over a month!

wearing butter LONDON Shadow Clutch
So smoooooooth!

Major credit goes to butter LONDON for pulling off a new product in their line so brilliantly. Their Lippy Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons are equally easy and I have to say the company is paving quite a way for itself.

So how am I feeling? A few of you have asked and I can give you a little update. I’m three months post-autoimmune-diagnosis and I’m hoping I’ve seen every last bit of what my new life has to offer. My initial lab work was not good, but I followed my doctor’s instructions to a T – absolutely no exercise for three months, as much sleep and rest as possible, gluten-free diet, and generally just chill (hence the absence). It wasn’t easy (except the sleep part, that was a cinch!), but it was so worth it.

My last round of lab work looked really good! My meds and rest have my numbers back in the normal ranges. That plus the GF eats have helped my antibodies (the autoimmune indicators) go down by 25%. Which is amazing, because they were about 20 times over the limit of “high.” I had my first major flare-up last week and it was roooouuugh, but I’m trying not to let it get me down. I’m a work in progress! I did follow up with a holistic practitioner who added some supplements to help ease my symptoms while we work out my antibodies. Sometimes I feel like a walking pharmacy, but I also feel like I shouldn’t complain. A manageable autoimmune disease is something I can live with.

I can choose to suffer or I can choose to live. And I choose life! Preferably, a naturally charmed life ;)

Have you made the foray into butter LONDON cosmetics yet?