I long wondered the difference between Tarte’s Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush and ecoTools Bamboo Bronzer Brush.

I owned the ecoTools brush for awhile and loved it for setting my foundation with pressed powder.  I also used it occasionally for liquid foundation, for which it did a pretty good job.

Then I purchased Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation from QVC and it came with the foundation brush.  Right off the bat, I knew the Tarte brush was superior to the ecoTools brush with the whipped-like consistency of Tarte’s foundation.  But the two were meant to work together so there was no real surprise there.

While the two brushes look similar, there are some minor differences.  Both handles are made of bamboo, though in my opinion, Tarte’s is prettier.  The handle on Tarte’s brush is slightly longer than ecoTools’.

The bristles on Tarte’s brush are also longer.  The ecoTools ferrule is longer than Tarte’s (by 1/2 a cm) and is made of aluminum.  I can’t find information on what Tarte’s ferrule is made of.

The handles are wider than most other makeup brushes at about the size of a kabuki brush handle.  The diameter of the ecoTools brush handle is ever so slightly longer than Tarte’s — we’re talking millimeters here.

Everything comes down to the bristles.  I know the ecoTools bristles are taklon.  Again, I can’t find information on Tarte’s.  The equality in softness and feel makes me wonder if they too are taklon.  In the above picture, it looks like Tarte has a wider brush head.  I thought so too at first.  But the ecoTools brush tapers off more than Tarte’s and the shorter bristles keep it from spreading out as far.

Using the brushes is when I notice the most difference.  The ecoTools brush works best in strokes.  The Tarte brush works in long strokes and circular motions making it great for buffing.  As a matter of fact, I still use Tarte’s brush to buff my foundation even if I used something else to apply it.

The price is the biggest difference of all.  The ecoTools brush retails for $12.59 while the Tarte brush is $32.00.

So which brush is for you??

The ecoTools brush isn’t meant to be a foundation brush.  But, in my opinion, it works quite nicely for that purpose if you’re looking to spend in that price range.  It also works fantastically for pressed powders, though you need to be very cautious about using it with pigmented bronzers.

If you’re very particular about precision, don’t mind spending $32.00 on a brush, plan to use Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation, or you take far too many close ups of your face makeup ;) , then it’s worth looking into Tarte’s brush.

I hope I covered everything.  But it’s been a long day and a tropical storm has water coming into my living room from under the patio doors.  So if I you have any questions about either brush, feel free to ask!