I recently learned the best tip for filling eyebrows from eyebrow extraordinaire Eugenia Weston.  Measuring three points to find the inner edge, arch, and outer end of the brow is becoming more and more popular.  But there is one more step that really creates the ultimate brow.


before and after Senna Cosmetics full brow stencil
before with guide dots and after with completed Senna brows

My before brows aren’t terrible.  But they are lacking an arch and I’m not quite sure how to create one without ruining “the three points”.  Eugenia’s technique gives me full, arched, and well-shaped brows.

What do you think?  Using the opposite eye to create the right upward angle on the arch is brilliant, right?

Senna Brow Technique

Step 1:  Line up Sketch-A-Brow vertically from the outer edge of the nose and make a dot at the base of the eyebrow.

Step 2:  Line up Sketch-A-Brow at an outward angle from the outer edge of the nose past the outside of the iris in the eye.  Make a dot for the arch of the brow.

Step 3:  Line up Sketch-A-Brow at an outward angle from the outer edge of the nose to the outer corner of the eye and make a dot for the end of the eyebrow tail.

Step 4:  Using the opposite eye, line up Sketch-A-Brow at the inner corner and angle to the arch of the eyebrow being shaped.  This creates the upward vertical angle toward the arch!  Match the top of the eyebrow to this line.

Step 5:  Use a stencil (in my case Full from the Form-A-Brow Kit) and brow powder to fill in the eyebrow.  Tweeze any hairs outside of the filled area, including above the eyebrow.  To quote Eugenia, “Would you shave the front of your leg and not the back?”  Tweezing above creates definition and a very clean line.

So why use an upward angle anyway?  Eyebrows change the entire look of the face and rounded eyebrows pull the face down.  Be sure to use an appropriate size stencil as a guide because brows that are too thin make the face more severe, and over-sized brows make the other facial features look larger.

wearing Senna Cosmetics Full brow stencil

When filling, simply use a stencil and powders from Form-A-Brow Kit with the Brow Pro 40 brush (the best size and firmness in a brow powder brush that I’ve tried).  Then use Sketch-A-Brow to make small hair-like strokes in the sparse area.  This is my new favorite brow product.  The shade Medium Ash is perfect for my brows and the harder formula makes it difficult to over draw the eyebrows.  Set everything by brushing Brow Fix upward through the brows.  Keeping the hairs up makes eyebrows appear fuller.  The fibers of Brow Fix help fill them in and the reflects balance the look.

I highly recommend checking out Senna Cosmetics brow products.  I thought I knew eyebrows, but Eugenia and Senna changed everything.  Are you going to try Eugenia’s tip for the perfect upward angle in your brows?

Disclosure: Brow Fix was provided by the brand for consideration. I attended the seminar on a press pass to a large event and purchased Sketch-A-Brow, Form-A-Brow, and Brow Pro 40 brush. I created this post and video of my own free will and had no contractual obligation.