Best of Sonia Kashuk

Makeup is a box of confidence; it’s a little light into our day.

– Sonia Kashuk

By request of the lovely Tracy (and because I can’t believe I haven’t already done one of these before), I’m creating a collection of what I consider the best of Sonia Kashuk.

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I’m a huge fan of not only the Sonia Kashuk line, but of the woman herself.  Makeup artist to Cindy Crawford, wife, mother, breast cancer survivor, and 9/11 survivor, Sonia Kashuk also has a fabulous beauty line available exclusively through Target.  She makes high quality products available at an affordable cost.

The first two products I’ll mention really stand out.  No other product works quite like they do and if you only try two things, these are a good place to start.

The very first product I ever fell in love with is the Perfecting Luminous Foundation.  It is also the only foundation that’s ever matched my skin exactly (I wear Buff).  It works best for dry, normal, or combination skin, but now that my skin is oily I still think it’s worth using with a mattifier and loose powder.  In photos where I use Perfecting Luminous Foundation, I tend to get compliments on my “flawless skin” even when it’s not!

The most stubborn mascara I’ve worn, MUFE Aqua Smoky Eyes, doesn’t stand a chance to Sonia Kashuk’s Eye Makeup Remover and I continue to buy bottle after bottle.

When it comes to color cosmetics, the blushes and lipsticks are my favorite formulas.  The shades themselves are fabulous for every day wear.

The texture of the Beautifying Blush line is on par with theBalm and Tarte.  I recommend the shades Flushed and Spice when going with a bolder cheek and Sunset if trying to remain subtle.  Keep in mind that the full-throttle vibrance of each shade in the pan tones down to a lovely wearable shade on the cheeks.

Satin Luxe Lip Colors are my favorite lipstick formula.  It is one of a kind – lightweight yet moisturizing and full-coverage.  I recommend deeper shades like Ruby Rose, Plum Wine, and Currant.  Sugar Plum is on my winter wish list and Classic Red…sigh… my list could go on forever.

While I’m not partial to glitter of any kind, Sonia Kashuk’s eyeshadow glitter formula is highly touted.  For trendy makeup wearers, there are 12-shadow palettes that come out seasonally.  This fall’s Eye on Dazzling Color is phenomenal for anyone who loves fall shades or glitter.

If you are looking more for a staple shadow palette, try Eye on Neutral.  There are no bizarre neutral shades or attempts at being overly unique.  They are the basic neutrals that work in any combination.  Because all 12 shades are matte, they are phenomenal for blending and can be layered over any finish primer to create a limitless number of shadows.  Think about it… metallic, pearl, shimmer, glitter… the options are endless.

Phew.  Moving on to brushes…

The Kashuk Tools line makes up 95% of my makeup brushes.  My favorites are the small shadow brush, large domed shadow brush, blush brush, powder brush (bamboo line is pictured), and one that’s very similar to the small multipurpose powder brush.  I started buying from this line a couple years ago, wash them regularly with Johnson’s Baby Wash, and none show any wear.

Last but far from least is the lash curler.  My stubborn lashes get a perfect curl every morning to keep me looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

What are some of your Sonia Kashuk favorites?

  • Telly

    Hi Alison! You know I love your Sonia Kashuk Blogs! I have some questions about the Perfecting Luminous Foundation. Is it that “luminous” look with shimmer or glitter or just a luminous dewy look? Also, I can’t tell, but does it have an SPF? Thanks in advance!

    • iamalisonm

      It’s dewy, not even a little bit glittery. If you set with powder, it ends up giving a glowing but natural finish. Way pretty! Unless they’ve changed the formula (which is possible because they just came out with new packaging) there is no SPF. I like that though, because that means there’s no change in color during flash photography.

      • Telly

        Yeah! I saw that at Target there were two different bottles of PLF. One with a silver cap and one with a black cap!

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflection

    You are SO AWESOME. I am so thankful from the bottom of my goofy little heart! I now know what to get! I am so excited I can hardly wait hee. :) Big hugz!

    • iamalisonm

      :D You’re welcome from the bottom of my equally goofy little heart!

  • Christine Brigid

    Ooooooh, I just LOVE this post. What a good idea– (shout out– thanks Trakee!) I don’t know much about this brand and now I have a great place to start. I did buy one of her make up bags and I use it all the time, it’s so functional and the fabric is cool (hmmm, blog post idea fermenting in my brain…;)

    • iamalisonm

      Her bags always have the cutest patterns. I always think, “This is it! This is the cute little bag I’ve been looking for!” And then the next season’s pattern comes out…

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