Aveda Makeup Winter 2014



I’ve always thought of Aveda as a hair salon with its own hair care and styling product range. But don’t be fooled! Aveda also does cosmetics and they do it well! The Winter 2014 collection is Marsala inspired for both lips and eyes and I must say that going all out Marsala is a look I’m enjoying.

Aveda Makeup Winter 2014 swatches
Mineral Eyeshadows Allspice, Golden Cypress, Ivory Lotus / Earth Mosscara / Fire Maple lip liner / Goji Berry lipstick / Mangosteen Nourish-Mint lip glaze

Every product I used in this look was smooth and creamy. I was particularly impressed with the Nourish-Mint lip glaze. Mega-impact color and it feels so good on the lips – especially when they are chapped and dry from winter weather!

Aveda Winter 2014 makeup look profile
wearing Aveda Winter 2014

I began the look by applying Ivory Lotus eyeshadow from lashes to brows. I then patted Allspice on the mobile lid and buffed it into the outer 1/2 of the crease, blending out with Golden Cypress. I lined my upper and lower waterlines with a deep brown pencil, then swept Allspice under my lower lashes and blended out again with Golden Cypress. Earth Mosscara surprisingly impressed me as it offered plenty of definition, but the non-black color was soft and smoky letting the red tones make more of a statement than my lashes.

Next I lined and filled my lips with Fire Maple Lip Liner which, despite being a pencil, glided across my dry lips with ease. I carefully applied Goji Berry lipstick right from the tube, gently blotted, and topped it off with Mangosteen lip glaze. Seriously though. That gloss formula…! I wrapped up the entire look with a hint of matte bronzer to contour and a luminous soft peach blush to brighten my face.

Aveda Winter 2014 makeup look


Did I mention that my lips are dry? It’s impossible to tell with Aveda! Have you tried Aveda products before? Do you have any favorites – hair or makeup?