10amBeauty is a monetized blog, meaning the publisher receives compensation in various forms.  The following is an explanation of various forms of compensation as well as review policies.

In compliance with FTC regulations, I include disclosures for products I did not purchase.  If a product was provided by the manufacturer or a PR firm, it is noted within the post.    I do not accept compensation for reviews.  When reviewing a product provided by the manufacturer or a PR firm, I am honest in my portrayal of said product’s effectiveness, use, and performance.  I have no desire to sway readers to purchase a product that I myself do not enjoy or from which I do not receive favorable results.

I do accept products provided for consideration.  There is no guarantee to a review and all thoughts and opinions will be genuine and my own.

I do not accept compensation for reviews.  That’s it.  I review an item because I want to, not because I’ve been paid.

I do accept compensation in the form of sponsored posts.  The word “sponsored” is within every sponsored post and it is made clear when I have been compensated.  I have and will continue to turn down pitches for posts that do not meet my standards of quality or for products I do not stand behind.

Advertisements are included throughout this website.  I receive compensation from advertising and publishing networks for placing advertisements on this website.  Should an advertisement be clicked, I receive a higher compensation.  I do not endorse any products within advertisements and do not have total control over what products are advertised.  Some advertisements are sourced through a publishing network.  Others through an advertising network that uses individual reader history to generate appropriate advertisements.

Affiliate links are included throughout this website.  I have a direct relationship with some companies allowing me to link products back to the company website.  If a link is clicked on this website and a purchase subsequently made, I receive a small commission.  I appreciate any support of 10amBeauty via purchases made through affiliate links.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please use the “Contact” page found in the menu bar to voice your concerns.