My town is lacking in high-end makeup counters so getting my hands on products that aren’t carried at chain beauty stores proves to be difficult.  I prefer to see a product, to experience the texture and finish, and to swatch compared to my skin tone all before buying.  I’m a makeup enthusiast and product junkie, so imagine my delight at finding a new way to feed my need for beauty.


Blue Mercury is a small boutique-like store that offers makeup, skincare, hair care, and a spa.  I was able to find a pump for my beloved NARS Sheer Matte Foundation at Blue Mercury and simultaneously booked an appointment with a local NARS artist.  I had a great experience during my appointment and thoroughly enjoyed the staff so I thought I’d share my experience.  Having my makeup done is something that doesn’t happen often, but when it does I love getting tips, tricks, and perspective of another artist.

Upon entering Blue Mercury, I was greeted with the thoughtful sentiment at the front door, “We think you are beautiful.”  I share the idea that someone is already beautiful before indulging in cosmetics or pampering and appreciate Blue Mercury’s approach to beauty.


My appointment was early in the afternoon and I had a dinner with friends scheduled for that evening.  The artist I met with works exclusively with NARS at Blue Mercury.  Sheila is gorgeous, talented, and has a true enthusiasm for makeup and skin care.  As she worked, I asked for a smokey eye look and then gave her the freedom to choose whatever shades and products she wanted.  Sheila was so excited to go with a green and gold eye look and teach me some new tricks a long the way.


Starting with a selection of NARSskin items, Sheila created a silky and glowing base.  She chose tinted moisturizer in lieu of foundation and we debated which shade would suit me best.  Ultimately we chose St. Moritz (Medium 1) because, while I could go deeper, it has the yellow undertones I need and bronzer can always adjust the shade for my summer tan.  Sheila did just that in the “3 E” fashion using Laguna.  She also mixed two blush shades to add some color to my cheeks.


The eyes became smokey indeed.  My favorite tip from Sheila is to use a nude eyeshadow all over the lid after primer.  This lets all other shades blend seamlessly.  I’ve since been using this tip daily!  The main colors used for my eyes were Night Porter and El Dorado as well as Kalisté, a deep green eyeliner.  I also appreciate how the location of eyeshadow placement changed the appearance of my eye shape.  Sheila’s choices made my eyes look much more round than when I do my own makeup.  She finished up the eyes with Bali as a brow filler and a coat of volumizing mascara.


Already on my wish list is NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Isola Bella.  The peachy nude tone is the perfect compliment to a heavy eye look and there is enough color in this particular shade to still work with my medium-tan complexion.

I’ve already made plans with Sheila to head back the next time Blue Mercury holds a NARS event.  She is eager to work her magic on me with the Fall 2013 collection and I can’t wait to see what she pairs with Mysterious Red.


I’m excited to have another shopping destination with a larger selection of beauty products from brands such as NARS, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, and Trish McEvoy.  At my last visit, I didn’t even begin to browse the skin care options, but the samples I received at checkout will give me a taste of some of the staff’s favorites.

Do you have a favorite beauty store that offers a wide selection of products?  Let me know what it is so I can see if I have one in my area!