Where to begin?

Let me start off by saying that I’m already excited about next year’s show.  It was an amazing event and while I only scratched the surface of what they had to offer, I feel so full of knowledge that I could spend the next month only talking about things I learned from The Makeup Show.

IMG_3969chandelier in the lobby of The Peabody

My day started early, very early, as I drove to the event Saturday morning rather than staying overnight in Orlando.  Held at the Peabody Hotel, there was plenty of parking and plenty of space for all the seminars, keynote speakers, hands-on workshops, competitions, exhibitors, and demonstrations.


Having already mapped out my day, and remembering to photograph first and buy second, I headed to Make Up For Ever.  I chose to purchase the HD Invisible Cover Foundation and Pro Finish Powder Foundation.


Then I headed over to NARS…oh, NARS!…and met the one and only Cindy Rodgriguez.  The head makeup artist of 413 Bleecker (BLKR) Street, the first ever flagship store for NARS, Cindy is a talented and unbelievably sweet person.




She gave me a few tips on products and helped fill my order.  We even tweeted back and forth throughout the day.  My stop at NARS was when I truly understood that makeup artist camaraderie is a real thing.  My purchases included Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey (a suggestion from Cindy that will be featured…it’s a total game changer), Eyeshadow Single in Bali, and Eye Paint in Iskandar (though looking back I wish I got Snake Eyes too).



From there I moved on to Stila.  Having never dabbled in this brand before, I decided it was finally time.  I’ve hit many growth periods since beginning my blog and am at a point now where I’d like to take my love of makeup application and work more toward artistry.  As my goal is to make beauty accessible to all women, I need to work at covering a variety of interests beyond just my own.  I have every intention of still being genuine, but there are many more techniques, looks, and types of products that I want to feature.  I realized this at the release of the Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow (I purchased Metallic Dusty Rose).  Other purchases include Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Black and Smudge Pot in Kitten.



Continuing in my plan of experimentation, I went to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics next.  They were fabulous.  And oh so patient with someone as unprepared and undecided as myself.  I wound up with Creme Colour Concentrate in Discipline (yes, there’s a theme with the creme shadows), Lip Tar Stained Gloss in Rhythm Box, and Lip Tar in Black Dahlia.  The fall release of Black Metal Dahlia is unbelievably stunning.  If you are a regular wearer of metals, I highly recommend it.  For myself, who is more prone to cream and matte finishes, I will simply add the shimmer later as desired.


I also ran into Phyrra at OCC.  Okay, so I’d been on the look out for her gorgeous teal ‘do, but she was ever so sweet and introduced me to Cult Nails.  Phyrra had the wonderful Ray accompanying her and ladies, this is a good man.  Major credit to Ray for not only photographing all weekend, but also sporting Cult Nails Lacquer on his own finger tips.


I used one of Phyrra’s recent posts on getting a longer lasting manicure as a shopping guide and purchased Get It On Perfecting Base Coat, Blackout Nail Lacquer, and the sexiest nail file I’ve ever seen.



At Inglot I was instantly drawn to an eyeshadow and as it turns out, the shade was already on my list.  I was very surprised at the size of the eyeshadow pans because they are much larger than I anticipated (about twice what I imagined).  I came away with a lovely grouping for fall, shades 348 matte, 434 pearl (the stunner), 153 AMC shine, and 419 pearl.  Many thanks to reader Chris for leading me to the olive greens.

Across the aisle I snagged a small zebra print Z palette to house my new eyeshadow pans.


At 11:30 I went to a brow blocking seminar by Sheila McKenna for Kett Cosmetics.  “Powerful” is the word I used to describe myself after that one.  As a brow lover, things have just been taken to a whole new level.


Of course after the presentation I had to check out Kett Cosmetics for myself.  Sheila created the brand in 2000 after HD video and photography became a major player in the production industry.  I find much of the line geared toward makeup artists who work a steady number of events.  I really like the look of the Fixx Creme Makeup Palettes and purchased the shade 03 for personal use to test out before investing in palettes.  I also received Daiquiri (a blush) as a gift.  Kett Cosmetics does workshops for makeup artists so I’ll be on the lookout in hopes of attending one in the future.


I spotted shoppers in a long line holding Anastasia Beverly Hills products while I was heading out to lunch.  This was not one of the exhibitors listed, but there were name brand cosmetics being offered at Nigel’s Beauty Emporium.  I picked up the Catwalk palette and wanted the Brow Pro Palette but there were fingerprints in the concealer.  I love a good discount, but there was no way I was buying unpackaged (touched!) product that I intended to use on other people.  I have, however, put the palette on my wish list.


At this point in the day, I had fulfilled my entire wish list and almost all of my planned activities.  I had even picked up some unexpected items and was very thankful I planned ahead.  I grabbed a healthy lunch and drank plenty of water before heading back for more.

After lunch I walked around getting more photos, checking out additional brands, and gearing up for the last part of my day.  The NARS presentation by Cindy (assisted by Phoung Tran of 8412 MELROSE) was at 2:45 and offered tips and tricks for artists and makeup wearers alike.  Some of my favorite moments included,

“We don’t test on animals. We test on models.”

“Don’t let anyone ever tell you there is such a thing as too much mascara.  Because there isn’t.”


“#SaveMysteriousRed” (It’s a thing, and Cindy is on a mission. RT on Twitter to request that Mysterious Red becomes a permanent shade!)


I had to race out of there after the seminar to head home before Mr. M went to a local film festival.  But my conservative wish list of events and products was beyond fulfilled and I was ready to go see my babies.  What can I say?  I’m always a wife and mama first :)

From what I hear, The Makeup Show will be back in Orlando next fall and I can’t wait to attend.  I look forward to sharing my newfound knowledge and makeup tricks as well as taking my love of makeup from a hobby to artistry.


Let me know if any information or product I’ve shared so far has your interest and I’ll be sure to do a post on the topic.  Also stay tuned for my next post with my top five tips on attending a trade show.  Have you been to a makeup trade show before?  What do you most enjoy about these events?