Warning:  a rant is about to ensue.

The much hailed “perfect” NARS Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer have been compared in countless reviews I’ve read to e.l.f. Countouring Blush & Bronzing Powder.  These aren’t the only two products from NARS and e.l.f. that I’ve seen compared to each other, but it’s the one I see most frequently.  The most similar thing I find is the packaging.  Which came first…who is the copy cat??  Now that I had my first taste of NARS I’m curious about supposed dupes.  Very curious.  So I bought my very own Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder to test out.

Due to the price difference of the two, it’s not worth getting into ingredients or quality.  I do want to look at the shades themselves.

For real…where is the originality in the packaging?

Simply looking at the pan you can see the obvious difference between the blushes.  The very very obvious difference.

As for the bronzers, I apologize for my arm swatches.  My skin has had too much sun to let either of these actually show up.  I admit that they look very similar, but keep reading and you’ll see why they look so different in the pan.

e.l.f. is a dupe?  Really???  Again, NARS is on the left.  It is deeper, pinker, and has golden shimmer.  e.l.f. on the right is lighter, peachier and flat.

I also swatched on paper so you can see the undertones more clearly.  This is where you start so see a difference in the bronzers.  Look closely at e.l.f.  It has a cool rose tone in it opposed to the neutral shade of NARS.

On my fingertips, you get a better indication of the finishes and also of the actual colors.  This is where the differences in the bronzers really stand out.  NARS is on the left, leans warmer than e.l.f., and has a gorgeous non-shimmery golden sheen.  e.l.f. is flat and more ruddy.

The e.l.f. Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder is NOT  (N-O-T) the same shade as NARS Orgasm and Laguna.  And it is NOT (N-O-T) a dupe.  Sorry.

Okay, I lied.  I’m not really sorry.

People, other than serving the same purpose, these are not similar.  Let’s stop trying to make believe that they are the same thing, shall we?